Kojin Teppanyaki & Omakase Restaurant is a Japanese hidden gem restaurant that you should try when you are in Ubud. This restaurant is located in Jl. Raya Desa Kenderan No.88 A, Kenderan, Ubud District, Gianyar Regency, Bali, or precisely inside Aksari resort, Ubud.

Ubud has long been a popular tourist destination. Travel and Leisure Magazine named Ubud one of the top 3 best cities in the world. As Kojin Teppanyaki is located in a world tourist destination, this restaurant offers delicious Japanese cuisine in green Ubud settings.

Besides that, Kojin guarantees authenticity by using only carefully curated and high-quality ingredients. The best ingredients cooked with the best techniques and classy teppanyaki style to present masterpieces in a relaxed and entertaining atmosphere.

Moreover, Kojin’s decor comes with bistro-chic, with an open-kitchen dining experience where guests and chefs can interact, adding to the sense of fun and enjoyment. Kojin, with its all-wood structure and earth-toned tones, is the ideal place to experience Japanese dining culture in the tranquillity of Ubud.

Kojin Teppanyaki is the ideal place in Bali to be entertained while enjoying outstanding food and drinks served by a friendly and experienced chef, whether you are enjoying a romantic night or dining out with friends and family.

One of Kojin's guests, Sophia said Kojin is one of the gem restaurants she finds in Ubud. Sophia said it Kojin is worth visiting with its delectable food and great services from the chefs.

"One of the gems we found in Ubud. Great food by chef Ari n great service from Pak Kariani.

It's so worthed to come here though the route we took is a bit tough. Loves the salmon teriyaki, garlic rice, and the mushroom salad they served me," said Sophia Tiwi.

If you want to relish the taste of Japanese food in Ubud, come to Kojin Teppanyaki & Omakase Restaurant. Contact this number to book or find out more about this restaurant +62821-4593-0529