Kojin Teppanyaki & Omakase Restaurant is a Japanese teppanyaki bar dining in Ubud. This restaurant is located in Jl. Raya Desa Kenderan No.88 A, Kenderan, Ubud District, Gianyar Regency, Bali, or precisely inside Aksari resort, Ubud.
Ubud has long been a popular tourist destination. Travel and Leisure Magazine named Ubud one of the top 3 best cities in the world. As Kojin is located in a world tourist destination, this restaurant offers delicious Japanese cuisine in a green Ubud environment. Besides that, Kojin guarantees authenticity by using only carefully curated and high-quality ingredients. The best ingredients are cooked with the best techniques and classy teppanyaki style to present masterpieces in a relaxed and entertaining atmosphere. Moreover, the chef will demonstrate several cooking styles as juggle or colossal Whoosh of Fire.
Kojin’s decor comes with bistro-chic, with an open-kitchen dining experience where guests and chefs can interact, adding to the sense of fun and enjoyment. Kojin, with its all-wood structure and earth-toned tones, is the ideal place to experience Japanese dining culture in the tranquillity of Ubud. Kojin Teppanyaki is the ideal place in Bali to be entertained while enjoying outstanding food and drinks served by a friendly and experienced chef, whether you are enjoying a romantic night or dining out with friends and family.
Kojin Teppanyaki serves lunch and dinner every day, with a view of the tranquil lush greenery forest. Salmon Teriyaki, Chicken Spicy Teriyaki Sambal Matah, and Tiger Prawn Broccoli Mayo are just a few of Kojin's signature dishes. In addition, the resort's sommelier creates a wide selection of traditional Japanese sake and shochu, as well as creative cocktails.
Optionally, start your evening with rice and soup. Garlic Rice with teppan fried rice and butter shoyu is not to be missed. Not to mention Miso Soup, which is made from fermented soybean paste and seafood broth. Indulge in artisanal Yuzu Rare Cheese Cake and Anmitu Creme Caramel desserts that will whet your appetite and lead you to the true treasure hidden behind the simplicity of Japanese culinary art.
Kojin Japanese Teppanyaki and Omakase restaurant itself has been awarded the #3rd best Restaurant In Ubud by Tripadvisor.

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