Here is a delectable Japanese restaurant in Ubud. Ubud is one of the famous tourist destinations in Bali. With the lush green forest till the unique Balinese culture, Ubud is the perfect place to spend time with a loved one. Moreover, to complete the trip to Ubud, this Japanese restaurant might be a suitable addition to your unforgettable holiday experience.

If you are already in Ubud, visit this delicious Japanese restaurant called Kojin Teppanyaki & Omakase restaurants. Kojin Teppanyaki Restaurant has been serving delectable Japanese cuisine for the ultimate dining experience in Ubud. For an authentic taste, Kojin only uses well-chosen and high-quality ingredients, cooked in a classy teppanyaki style, and delivers the best of its creations in a dynamic and entertaining atmosphere.

Providing the guests with a unique culinary experience that goes beyond delicious cuisine and brings people together for fun and authentic Japanese cuisine with a modern twist is the goal of Kojin Teppanyaki & Omakase restaurant.

Dara, who visited Kojin on September 2022, said she surprised by how pleasant this restaurant is. She even rated this restaurant for the best Japanese food and teppanyaki style compared to her hometown Japanese stalls. She also highlights the friendly services she receives when She visit this restaurant.

"This was recommended by the hotel as a Japanese option. To break up the Indonesian fare, we thought we'd give it a try and came away pleasantly surprised. We are from Sydney which has a pretty good Japanese cuisine array and would rate this against most teppanyaki venues. The service was attentive but with a 15ish seat venue this is reasonable to expect," told Dara Siyali.

Kojin Teppanyaki & Omakase restaurant located in Jl. Raya Desa Kenderan No. 88x Ubud - Bali, and it is open every day from 12:00 to 22:00. If you want to try the most delectable Japanese restaurant in Ubud, come to Kojin Teppanyaki & Omakase restaurant.